Famous People in Japan

Tezuka Osamu

Date of Birth 3 November 1928
Date of Death 2 February 1989
Place of Birth Osaka

Osamu was a great Japanese cartoonist and a Doctor of Medicine. When he was a child, he loved to collect insects, and a part of his name of "Osamu", "mu" means "insects" in Japan. When he went to Osaka university, he made a debut with "MA-chan no nikkicho" on "Shokokumin Shinbun" in 1946.,

The following year, his work "Shintakarajima" was a best seller, and then 3 years later, "Jungle Taitei" was published in "Manga-Shonen".

From 1952 to 1969, his most famous work "Testuwan-Atomu" was published and he established "Mushi-Production", which made Animation. And in 1963 they began to be televised. He made "Ribon no Kishi", "Hi no Tori", "Adolf ni tsugu", "Fushigina Merumo", and "Black Jack". His animation had high technique as if it were a movie.

He was known for his distinctive appearance, always wearing glasses and a beret.

He made about 150000 comic strips in his life. He won the many caricature prizes. In 1994, For his greatness, Tezuka Osamu memorial building was built in Takarazuka. And in 1997, his stamps were sold.

In his hometown, his fans drew his pictures on the wall and made the street with it. It's very popular among the people in his hometown.

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Reported by: Minoura Yumi
Data verified by: Takeuchi Asako
Date of Report: January 1997
Updated by: Morishita Eri, October 1998

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