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Date of Birth 8 June 1971
Place of Birth Hokkaido

Teru, (Kobashi Teruhiko), is a famous singer of a popular rock'n roll band called "GLAY".

Teru had a friend named Takuro when he was in high school who suggested Teru that they should form a rock'n roll band which produced its original songs. At first, Teru was captured by playing the drum, however, one day Teru made a demo of their tracks by chance. Teru's voice was strong and persuasive, and Takuro was impressed by his voice and asked Teru to be the vocalist for GLAY.

After living in obscurity for about three years in Tokyo, GLAY finally made their debut in 1994, and they won great success, having their own fan club called "HAPPY SWING" which has at least 160,000 people.

Teru has a special policy about his songs. He dislikes the audience beating time with the hands when he sings ballads in his concerts. This is because the noise confuses Teru, and he wants people to listen carefully to his songs that is trying to touch each person's heartstrings. When Teru feels uncomfortable in this situation, he always tells people clearly that he is disgusted, for he always hopes to have a better relationship with his fans. Many people is supported by GLAY, and Teru wishes those who have lived without any dreams until now to dream of something and live vividly by listening to his songs. GLAY's new single, "Be with you", was released on November 25 in 1998. This song is also filled with Teru's love like previous ones.

In addition, Teru is good at painting. He has a taste for sketching outside or drawing pictures by using a computer. Teru wants to hold a private exhibition someday.

References: "Eien no 1/4-GLAY STORY" written by Masahiko Isozaki

Reported by: Kaneshita Akiko
Data verified by: Matsumoto Shinji
Date of Report: December 1998

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