Famous People in Japan

Tatsuyoshi Joichiro

Date of Birth 15 May 1970
Place of Birth Okayama

Tatsuyosi Joichiro first became famous as the youngest amateur champion of the bantamweight class when he was 17 years old.

When Joichiro became 5 years old, his father, Kumeji started to teach him boxing. During his childhood, he was a strong fighter, and he spend all his time fighting, sometimes getting into trouble.

Recommended by high school teacher, he became a disciple of Osaka Teiken. Since then, he has beaten many strong champions.

Recently he became famous for his problem with a detached retina. In Japan, he was not allowed to box. The Japan Boxing Society, however, made a special dispensation for him. They held a boxing with Yasuei Yakusizi, under the condition that if Joichiro beat him, they would allow him to continue to box in Japan. Consequently, he lost the game, and left Japan.

Now he readies for his next match in the U.S.A. Once he said that he never thinks of his life without boxing. He isn't a boxer for his family, just for himself.

In America, he beat two American boxers. Then he fought the Mexican boxer Saracoza in Yokohama, but he lost. He trained harder after this fight. He said "If I lose the next fight, I will give up boxing."

In 1997 on November 22nd, he fought for the championship of the Bantam Class, against Silimoncon, and he won. He got the champion belt again. Then this year, on March 8th, he won at match to protected his champsionship for the first timex.

References:" Haranbanjo Tatsuyoshi Joichiro"

Reported by: Mizutani Mikako
Data verified by: Mika Kamei
Date of Report: November 1995

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