Famous People in Japan

Tanigaki Sadakazu

Date of Birth March 7, 1945
Place of Birth Tokyo

Sadakazu Tanigaki is a menber of the House of Representatives. He is a powerful young man of the Liberal-Democratic Party (the LDP). In a questionnaire about who would bacome the leader of Japan in the 21st century, active political reporters chose him next to Hatoyama and Funada.

He went to Azabu Junior High School, Azabu High School, and the University of Tokyo. Although everyone considers a smart man, he actually failed the state lawyer examination 7 times, before he finally passed.

He became a politician as the successor to his father. He worked as a parliamentary vice-minister of the Post Service and of the Defence Agency. When the election for presidency of the LDP was held on September in 1995, he made a speech in support of Hashimoto Ryutaro, and his persuasive speech drew attention to him from people all over Japan.

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Reported by: Shingo Takemura
Date of Report: July 1997

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