Famous People in Japan

Tanaka Naoki

Date of Birth 26 April 1971
Place of Birth Osaka

Tanaka Naoki is a famous Japanese comedian. When he was in junior high school, he met Syozou Endou who is his partner. They joined Tokyo Yoshimoto Kogyo and made "Cocorico" when they were twenty years old. His part is "Boke" and Endou's part is "Tsukkomi". They were not popular at first and they had to spend their time with little money. However they began to be popular in Tokyo thanks to their first performance on TV.

They have many programs in Tokyo. For example, "Ikinari Ogon Densetu", "Cocorico Miracle Type", "Waratte Iitomo", "Fujirico", and "Akashia Mansyon Monogatari". Tanaka has the bobbed hair, and his action is strange and funny for people.

He is not only comedian but also a actor. He plays in some dramas, for example, "Gakko no Sensei" and "Tora no Mon". Moereover, he appears in the movie of "Minnano Ie" and he won the prize for the best new actor. His acting is very good.

And he also has a ability as a fashion designer. He went to school for fashion design after he had graduated from high school. He has perticipated in a fashion show. Actually, he always dresses smartly.

References: Gendai Nihon Zinmeiroku

Reported by: Yuichi Masaki
Data verified by: Masahiko Hayashi
Date of Report: Nobember 2001

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