Famous People in Japan

Tanaka Kakuei

Date of Birth 4 May 1918
Date of Death 16 December 1993
Place of Birth Kariha-gun, Niigata-ken

Tanaka Kakuei was one of the most famous politicians in Japan. His name is recorded in Japanese history textbooks because of his great achievements as well as the large stain which will be recorded forever.

In 1947, he was elected to the Diet from Niigata and in 1972, he became the prime minister. He made an effort to normalize diplomatic relations with the Peoples's Republic of China and planed to build railroads and national roads all over Japan. He was very popular among many people, so his speech and action always attracted the attention of people.

But, in 1976, the fact that he accepted a bribe was detected and he was given a suspended sentence. This event shocked many people. After that, he retired from political life, but he still had a great influence until his death.

References: Shintei Gendai Nippon Meiroku 1994 Vol 3

Reported by: Maiko Akita
Data verified by: Tomoe Yoshida
Date of Report: November 1995

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