Famous People in Japan

Tamura Ryoko

Date of Birth 6 September 1975
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Tamura Ryoko is a judo player. Although she is small (146 centimeters tall), she is a powerful woman.

Ryoko started to learn judo in Fukuoka when she was eight. Seven years later, when she was fifteen, she conquered the International tournament of women in Fukuoka and All-Japan women's championship. And she has won five successive championships since then. At the Barcelona Olympics, she got the silver medal. Her strong point is the shoulder throw.

Her motto is this: "It is making an effort to show all my might that is important. " Ryoko is the picture of courage for the Japanese judo world that is now training for the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

Reported by: Akiko Kaneshita
Data verified by: Kumiko Okumura
Date of Report: November 1995

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