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Date of Birth 22 August 1945
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Tamori is a famous Japanese comedian. He dropped out of Waseda University and after that, he changed his job very often. He worked as an insurance salesman and the master of a tavern. By chance, he became acquainted with Fujiko Akatsuka who was a cartoonist and Yohsuke Yamashita who was a pianist. Then he formed "Omoshiro Group" and made his debut in show business as a comedian in 1975.

In the following year, he was selected as the disc jockey of the radio program "All Night Nippon" and appeared on the TV program "Monty Python." Much attention was paid to him when he appeared on "Uwasa-no Channel" of Japan TV. He produced new humor, for example "Hanamogera language," and became famous.

His most important TV program is "waratte Iitomo!". Which has been broadcasting at lunch time everyday. It has continued for 19 years. It has been telecasted more than four thousand times. He made the words "Iitomo" "Tomodati no tomodati ha mina tomodati". They came into fashion all over Japan through "Waratte iitomo". And that TV program is a live broadcast and recorded at studio "ARUTA" in Sibuya in Tokyo. People who want to watch the recording can enter the studio and can watch the record if they draw a winning number. Also, people through the street can watch the program the big screen of the bill. So, "Aruta" is a special place in Japan.

He has many other TV programs now, "Jungle TV," and "Tamori Club." "Music station". Each program has a high audience rating. Cooking is one of his hobbies and he sometimes shows his great skill in cooking on TV. He is also good golf player and his golf program broadcast on TV every New Year. We will be able to watch the program next New Year, too.

The end of every year, he shows us his humor, for example, his special imitation of other languages┼Cin the TV talk program ┼gTetuko no Heya┼h. He worries about it everytime. But, his sense is very hight quality.

References: Gendai Nihon Jinmei Daijiten

Reported by: Shinko Sawada
Data verified by: Mika Kamei
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Yoshimi Morikawa, October 1997
Updated by: Nayumi Takahashi, May 1998
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