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Takeuchi Maria

Date of Birth 20 March 1955
Place of Birth Shimane

Takeuchi Maria is a famous singer-songwriter. Her first step for becoming a singer was an audition for "Loft" which is a name of a place with live music. Her talent for music was highly evaluated then. She made her debut with "Modotteoideyo Watashi-no Jikan" in November 1978. From the beginning, she was treated as an idolized young singer. She made some great hit songs, such as "Fushigina Peach Pie", but she quit her job due to sickness in 1981. Then she married Yamashita Taturo who was also a famous singer-songwriter.

She is popular among young ladies because her words and melodies are intelligible. Her songs are based on the daily life of ordinary women. She is not only a good singer-songwriter, but also a virtuous wife and mother.

In 1984, She made a comeback with the album, "VARIETY", and she is very famous as a singer-songwriter now. But she has never given a live concert. She also hasn't appeared on television since that year. Her important songs are "Honki-de Only You (Let's get married)" and "Mouichido". She has produced three albums: "Request" in 1987, "Quiet Life" In 1992, and "Impressions" in 1994.

She was awarded these prizes.

Date Prize
1979 Shinjyuku Ongakusai Kin-sho
(prize for best artist)
Grand Prize of Ginza Ongakusai
Nihon Yusen Taisho Shinjin-sho
(award for a new face)
Nihon Record Taisho Shinjin-sho
1984 Nihon Record Taisho Yushu Album-sho
 (award for an excellent album)
1987 Nihon Record Taisho Yushu Album-sho

References: Gendai Nihon Jinmei-roku '94

Reported by: Rika Nishioka
Data verified by: Hiromi Kitanaka
Date of Report: July 1996

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