Famous People in Japan

Takenouchi Yutaka

Date of Birth 2 January 1971
Place of Birth Tokyo

Takenouchi Yutaka became a model because he won first prize in the "Zassi Dokusha Model Audition" (an award for the best amateur from among the magazine's readers). From 1989 to 1994, he played an active part in model circles. He has even modeled in a book called, "Takenouchi Yutaka Outdoor Sweaters"; "Sugoku Kantan Kare no Sweater".This book teaches how to knit easy sweaters for guys. He introduces sweaters to the readers as he models them. He appeared as a model in fashion magazines and TV commercials for major companies.

In 1994, he made his debut as an actor. He appeared on television plays "Boku-no Shushoku" ("How I Found Work") and "Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari" ("The Story of Universities of Tokyo").

In 1995, he played a leading role in the drama, "Hoshi-no Kinka (Die Sterntaler)." He acted the part of a young doctor who was kind and obedient. In the drama, he continued to have a burning love for only one girl who loved his brother. His performance touched a lot of viewers, so he was awarded "Golden Arrow Hoso Shinjin-sho (Golden Arrow Award for the best new actor). In the drama "Mada Koi-ha Hajimaranai" (Love Hasn't Started Yet), he enthusiastically played an office worker who went heart and soul into work and love. Most of his roles are good-looking young men. But now he acts an adult man who has lost his innocence. He has stubble because of the role in the drama "Long Vacation." Through this drama, he shows a different image and proves himself to be really capable as an actor.

In 1998 he played a leading role in the drama, "With Love", he acted the part of a composer who is cool.

He is active in TV commercials for "Medalist" (the brand name of contact lenses) and "Kappa Ebisen" (the name of a confectionery). In the latter commercial, he plays an out of character comic role.

There is a book, "Takenouchi Yutaka Out Door Sweater: Sugoku Kantan Kare-no Sweater" (a book which tells how to knit sweaters for boyfriends easily). He introduces sweaters to the readers by modeling them in the book.

References: TV Talent Jinmei Jiten

Reported by: Nishioka Rika
Data verified by: Kitanaka Hiromi
Date of Report: September 1996
Updated by: Asako Itsumi, May 1998

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