Famous People in Japan

Takenaka Naoto

Date of Birth April 7, 1956
Place of Birth Yokohama

Takenaka Naoto is a famous Japanese. Now he is 41 years old. We can often see him in TV commercials, teleplays, and variety shows. He graduated from Tama University (art). When he was a college student, he belonged to a theatrical company. After he dropped out of college, he took an active part in various media as a movie actor, professional photographer, etc.

When he was 27 years old, he first made his debut as a television personality, but at first, he was not popular at all. Some movies that he performed in are "Munounohito" "Tokyobiyori", "Rampo", "119", and "Munounohito". "Munounohito" is the first work he directed. His performance in this movie was appreciated by the world of international movie (Venice), and he was awarded various prizes. He was both the leading actor and director for "Tokyobiyori", where he acted with Miho Nakayama. Recently "Shall we dance?" was shown. His performance in this movie was very amusing, so this movie was very popular in Japan.

A television drama that he performed in recently is "Hideyoshi". This drama was produced by NHK, and he acted very well as the lead of this drama. This drama recorded high audience rating, and he became even more famous.

He is also interested in music, and has released a CD-album. His new single "Kiminihoshigafuru" will be release on 10/25. He wrote the words for this single and Ryuichi Sakamoto, who is a famous musician, wrote the music.

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Reported by: Toshinaga Yamada
Data verified by: Akiko Inaba
Date of Report: October 1998

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