Famous People in Japan

Takatsu Shingo

Date of Birth 25 December 1968
Place of Birth Hiroshima

Takatsu Shingo is a baseball player. He plays for the Yakult Swallows, a professional baseball team in the Japan League. He is a relief pitcher with an underarm throw. His player number is 22.

When he was a high school student, he participated in "koshien", the national high school baseball tournament. After he graduated from Hiroshima Technical High School, he entered Asia University in Tokyo. He devoted himself to playing baseball at that place. And after he graduated from the university, he joined the Yakult Swallows through the draft conference.

Three years later, in 1993, his team won the Japan series thanks to his efforts. His pitches very hard to hit. When he struck out the last batter in the game to make a no-hitter, he became the winning pitcher and at the same time became the king of relief pitchers.

Nowadays, three years later (1996), his team has been in a slump, but we hope he can get out of the slump to win the Japan Series again.

Height:180 cm
Weight:73 kg
Earned Run Average:2.30

Reported by: Rie Kawate, Yoshie Okura, Yoko Tsutsumi, Kaori "Nogurin" Noguchi
Date of Report: October 1996

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