Famous People in Japan

Takahashi Yoshinobu

Date of Birth 3 April 1975
Place of Birth Chiba

Yoshinobu Takahashi is a baseball player on the Yomiuri Giants team. Last year he entered the team as the top player of all the rookies. The specialists rate him highly because he can defend and run fast. Moreover, he can bat well. They say that he is genius and such a person appears only once ten years. Now he plays an active role as a top team player. He was born in Chiba and went to Toin high scool. He took part in the All Japan High School Baseball Tournament twice. He was the main batter for those games. After that he went to Keio University and achieved various records. At first he won the triple batting crown. Then he broke the university home run record. Finally he was drafted to the Yomiuri Giants, his contract deposit was one hundred million yen.

At present, he is the main player on his team, and he attends the all star games.

References: "Takahashi Yoshinobu, The Baseball Player" (senshumeikan)" Sports Nippon

Reported by: Hitouji Motoki
Data verified by: Yamasita Keisuke
Date of Report: July 1998

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