Famous People in Japan

Takahashi Naoko

Date of Birth May 5, 1972
Place of Birth Gifu

Naoko Takahashi is a famous marathon runner. She graduated from Gifu high school in 1991 and from Osaka Gakuin University in 1995. Then she took part in long distance relay road races for four years. When she was 23, she joined a company whose name is Recruit. At 25, she transferred to Sekisuikagaku.

She has won many great records. For example, she got 13th place in the 5000 meters world marathon championship. She got 7th place at the Osaka International marathon in 1997. She got first place at the Nagoya International marathon in 1998 and again in Bangkok. In 2000, she got a gold media at the Sydney Olympic Games.

She is very popular with many people and her nickname is "Q Chan". In 2001, she published her book, "Kazeninatta hi". Now, she is in many commercials. She likes Hitomi's song "LOVE 2000" and she usually listens to this song. She will win the gold medal in the next Olympic Games.

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Reported by: Megumi Azuma, Nozomi Inaji
Data verified by: Mayumi Goto, Nozomi Takahashi
Date of Report: August 13, 2001

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