Famous People in Japan

Takachi Noboru

Date of Birth 22 December 1964
Place of Birth Kochi

Takachi Noboru is a TV star and an actor. When he was in a famous high school for baseball, Meitokugijuku, he belonged to the baseball team. In those days, he competed in the National Invitational High School Baseball Tournament, that is to say, "Koshien" as a relief pitcher.

Then he lost his mother when he was seventeen years old and he came to Tokyo. His debut was late. In 1993, he made his debut in TV drama. After that, he took an active part in dramas of many television station and movies. Also he acted comically in a commercial message for Takano Yuri's beauty clinic.

As mentioned above, his name is a professional name. His name has a meaning. It is expressed in "Kanji". But because the kanji of his name was same as the one for the Tokyu Electric Railroad Company, the company brought him to court to make him stop using it in 1997. Though he wanted to continue to use it, he couldn't win and had to change the kanji. But the pronunciation of his name hasn't changed.

He had married Aida Momo in 1991, but they got divorced in 1995. Now he has been keeping company with Takashima Reiko, who is an actress. Then, they announced to marry last month. They will hold a wedding ceremony in February.

References: TV Talent Jinmeijiten No.3

Reported by: Emiko Okamoto
Data verified by: Yuki Nakazu
Date of Report: 22 May 1998

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