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Igarashi Takashi Vocal, Guitar
Nakahata Taiki Drums
Kitada Maki Bass

Syrup16g is loud, dark, and very negative rock band. But they are a real rock band. Igarashi takashi is a vocalist of this band. His lyric is very negative but it is straight to our heart.

Syrup16g is composed of Igarasshi Takashi (vocal, guitar), Nakahata Taiki(Drums), Kitada Maki(Bass).Kitada is new supporting member because one of the original members, Satou has left band. In 1993, Igarashi, Nakahata and Satou met at vocational school. Then Igarashi started composing music.(at first Igarashi wasn't a vocalist) Nakahata listened this and decided to play with him. In 1994, a vocalist and Satou added. Then they made SWINGS. After two lives, this vocalist out of SWINGS. So Igarashi became a vocalist. And SWINGS became Syrup16g.


  1. 1999.12.25 Free Throw
  2. 2001.10.5 Copy
  3. 2002.6.19 coup d'Eat
  4. 2002.9.25 delayed
  5. 2003. 3.19 HELL-SEE
  6. 2004.4.21 Mouth to Mouse


Reported by: Rikiya Oue
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Date of Report: June 2004

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