Famous People in Japan

Suzuki Muneo

Date of Birth 31 January 1946
Place of Birth Ashoro, Hokkaido


Muneo Suzuki is a powerful and famous politician in Japan. He was a member of the Lower House in the Liberal Democratic party, but he was dismissed from the Lower House. He was also called to summons as a witness, so his office has recently been called "A department of doubt". Towards building relations between Russia and Japan, he worked hard. He has fought for the return of the Northern Territories, but he also did some bad things.

First, he fixed a construction contract to build Muneo House and he gave cars to authorities using his own name. He has a connection to the Congo Republic too. He employed Congo's, Muruaka, to construct a dam. His projects are the target of suspicion, not only in Congo, Russia and Japan, and there are many doubts surrounding him.

References: http://www.muneo.gr.jp/

Reported by: Genki Nagai (Hokkaido Tokai University)
Data verified by: Keiya Matsui
Date of Report: September 2002

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