Famous People in Japan

Suzuki Honami

Date of Birth 14 August 1966
Place of Birth Tokyo

Suzuki Honami is a famous actress in Japan. She had longed to be an actress since she was an elementary school child. After she graduated from Kamakura High School, she contracted with the theatrical agency whose name was "Hori-Production". Though she entered the Mass Media Department of Seijyo University at the same time, she dropped out of it later.

Her first job in the world of entertainment was to appear in the TV commercial for Kanebo cosmetics. The same year, she starred in the drama, "Onna-Fuurinkazan". After she gained popularity with the NHK serial drama whose title was "Non-chan-no-Yume", she performed in many dramas. Especially, "Tokyo Love Story" swept many young people off their feet in 1991.

I think the thing about her that appeals to people most is that she always takes a resolute attitude. She never plays up to the audience. Her performance will keep fascinating people for a long time. In 1997 she started in the drama "News no Onna".

References: "Gendai Nihonjin Meiroku 94"

Reported by: Kitanaka Hiromi
Data verified by: Akiyo Nagata
Date of Report: September 1996
Updated By: Naomi Satou , October 1998

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