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Suzuki Anju

Date of Birth 23 September 1969
Place of Birth Hyogo

Suzuki Anju is a famous actress as well as a singer. Her outside activities include sun bathing, driving, and swimming.

She had gone to the American school in Kobe from the time of a junior high school. She had received singing lessons outside of school. Then she was hired to CBS Sony (present Sony Music). In addition, she studied in London during four years from the time of 17 years old.

She achieved debut as a singer in London in 1990 with "We Should be dancing." She returned to Japan in March, 1991.

She acted as MC of some TV programs and made her actress debut in 1992 in "PATEO 1 and 2." Moreover, she accomplished her movie debut in "the high school teacher" in 1993.

She is collecting popularity from all layers of age until now as a pure lady. She always devotes herself to supporting roles, but, nevertheless she is a good performer and gains support from many people. That is also her charm. She appeared also on many commercials (CM), and was also called CM queen from 1994 to 95.

She married a surgeon in 1998. Now she is very happy. She is continuing doing activity extensively, and she has played her role with all her best. Many people look forward to her activity in the future.

-The latest TV performance-

"Music fair" Chairman (Every Saturday)
"Ryouri banzai" Chairman (Every Sunday)
"Let's go, Nagatacho" (Every Wednesday)

References: Talent Zinmei Ziten

Reported by: Nakano Masafumi
Data verified by: Yosikawa Misa
Date of Report: November 2001
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