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Sunny Day Service

Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Sokabe Keiichi 26 August 1971 Kagawa
Tanaka Takashi 25 June 1971 Ehime
Maruyama Harushige 6 Nobember 1970 Tokyo

Sunny Day Service consists of three people. Sokabe Keiichi who is the main vocalist, Tanaka Takashi who is the bassist, and Maruyama Harushige who is the drummer.

In 1992, Sokabe Keiichi formed Sunny Day Service with Tanaka Takashi and other people. When they were amateurs, they published "Cosmo-Sports", "Super Disco". In 1994, they released "Hoshizora no doraibu" and "Cosmic Hippie". In the next year, they released their first single "Gokigenikaga?" and made their CD major debut.

Later, Maruyama Harushige joined the band, and this band changed to the present members.

Sokabe Keiichi produces this band and the central figure. When he got drunk, I hear he becomes to be out of control. Tanaka Takashi is Sokabe's old friend since this band had not been formed yet. Maruyama Harushige is popular among a fan because of his nice looking.

Their songs make an impression of folk and remind us of the 1970's. They released albums, "Wakamonotachi" "Tokyo" "Ai-to-warai-no-yoru" and "Sunny Day Service" at a good pace, and they give many live concerts. Their clothes and atmosphere are natural. And they can play a sharp and intense rock or soft music. They have become to establish their music, which music and words are pure and powerful, especially Sokabe's words are literary and full of heart.
Reference: http://www.alles.or.jp/~segawax/sunny/

Reported by: Kayoko Ishihama
Data verified by: Kayo Kawahara
Date of Report: July 1998

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