Famous People in Japan

Sugihara Chiune

Date of Birth January 1,1900
Place of Birth Yaotsu, Gifu Pref.
Date of Death July 31,1986

Sugihara Chiune is famous as a diplomat who took an active part during World War II.

He was good at English in his junior high school days and he hoped to be an English teacher. He went to Waseda University, but it was too expensive for him, so he left school in September, 1920. Then he studied Russian as a foreign student at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he got a position there in 1924. He worked in the north Manchuria, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania. In 1940, he gave Jews entry visas and saved 6000 lives in Lithuania, however, it was against the order from Japanese government, so he lost job.

In March of 1992, his reputation was restored by the Diet.

He is called "the Japanese Schindler" these days. His bravery is praised. More than 10 programs about him broadcasted on TV last 6 years.

References: "Ai no ketsudan"

Reported by: Nagata Akiyo
Data verified by: Hiromi Kitanaka
Date of Report: July 1996

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