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Steady & Co.

Member Date of Birth Bloodtype
Kj 9 February 1979 B
BOTS 30 May1978 O
SHIGEO 14 October1974 A
ILMARI 17 June 1975 ?

Steady&Co. is a very popular music group which was formed by Kj (Kenji Furuya) and BOTS. They are members of 'Dragon Ash'. They produced 'Sugar Soul', 'MIHO' and 'Hifumi Kaori' before. In 2001 SHIGEO and ILMARI joined Steady & Co. SHIGEO is a member of 'SBK' (Skebo King). ILMARI is a member of 'RIP SLYME'. The standard of their music is a Hip-Hop of the New School period, which arose in the early 1990's. But their music includes various elements of music such as Jazz and Hawaiian.

The start of Steady&Co. went back to the past when BOTS joined 'Dragon Ash' formally. At that time BOTS said that we want to do various things besides 'Dragon Ash'. "Total Music Communication" which 'Dragon Ash' has held since 1999 proved to be the trigger. 'SBK' took part in TMC, a popular music event, in September 1999. After that Kj and BOTS invited SHIGEO to Steady&Co. 'RIP SLYME' took part in TMC in September 1999, too. At "TMC" in 2000 they were more friendly and the members of Steady&Co. became four people.

They released the first maxi single, "Stay Gold" in July 2001. Since each person is also a member of a separate group which is popular with many people, the maxi single went straight to the top of the month's best-sellers list. Young people like music which have produced just as members like. In October 2001 they released 2nd maxi single, "Shun ka shuu tou". And at last they released 1st album, "CHAMBERS" in November 2001. "Only Holy Story" in this album is used for a TV commercial for ANA (All Nippon Airways).

Maxi Single


References: http://www.steadyandco.com

Reported by: Hiroko Ohashi
Data verified by: Yukari Uno
Date of Report: January 2002

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