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Date of Birth Place of Birth
Kusano Masamune 21 December 1967 Fukuoka
Miwa Tetsuya 17 May 1967 Shizuoka
Tamura Akihiro 31 May 1967 Shizuoka
Sakiyama Tatsuo 25 October 1967 Tochigi

In 1987, four members, who had come to Tokyo to go on to university, met and formed 'spitz.' They started their live and increased many fans. In 1991, they made their debut and their first album 'SPITZ' was put on the market, which won the highest praise from music critics soon. After that they produced following albums.

Their 11th single 'Robinson' (4/5/95) was a very big hit and they became famous appearing on television and radio. Next single 'Namida-ga-kirari' was used as a commercial song.

Do you want to know why SPITZ became so popular? They have their own world--SPITZ world--in every song. Sweet melodies, nostalgic tunes with wonderful poems and Kusano Masamune's sweet and clear voice create a fantastic world.

I went to the concert of them in Osaka last spring. It was unforgettable experience for me. Since they are very popular, I couldn't buy a ticket for their next concert though we were standing in a line in front of a ticket office from 6 in the morning. I was very depressed and made up my mind to stay in front of the ticket office all night next time.

About one and half a year after 7th album, they released 8th album 'Fake far' including singles 'Unmei-no-hito' and 'Scarret'. A week later the album, they released single 'Tsumetai-hoho' which is included in the 8th album.

July 7, 1998, a single 'Supika' will be released. It is the second time to release s single on the Tanabata Festival Day.. The former was 'Namida-ga-kirari'.

Here is an update on their most recent albums.


This album is categorized as an 'ep', but it is like a mini album.

It contains 3 tracks, and as it was released on New Years Day, its songs seem like 'A happy new year!' Do you remember 'Nostradamus's large prediction'? I bet this 'ep' will remind you about it. I recommend you listen on New Years Day.

Special album 'kachyou fuugetsu'

The special album is by member song selection which covers the 90s of Spitz. A total of 13 music which consisted of album first inclusion music altogether, such as a new recording self cover of offer music, such as 'aino shirushi', and a 'nagareboshi', unpublished music, an excellent piece of music 'oppai' from the Indies board 'hibarino kokoro' of a phantom, and 'TOGETOGE no ki'

best album'RECYCLE Greatest Hits of SPITZ'

This best album is ultimate KOMPIREISHON which covered all the hit singles of a spitz from 'kimiga omoideni natumaeni' to 'kaede' in 1998.

9th album'hayabusa'7/26/2000

This album includes, the single songs, 'Hotaru' 'Hourou kamome wa dokomademo' and 'Memories' are included. All songs in this album are completely different from songs that they made before. Especially 'Hourou kamome wa dokomademo' and 'Memories' tell us they are challenging to make new sounds! 'Hayabusa', which become this album's title is especially recomended.

References: PATI-PATI (Sept 1995)

Reported by: Sachiko Yoshida
Data verified by: Kazuyo Yoshida
Date of Report: November 1995
Updated by: Yosuke Murakami October 1997
Updated by: Miyuki Takeno May 1998
Updated by: Masanao Tsujino July 2002

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