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Name Date of Birth Instrument
Matsuoka Mitsuru 12 August 1971 Vocal
Toyoda Kazutaka 1 September 1971 Guitar
Kuroyanagi Yoshio 18 March 1972 Bass
Akamatsu Yoshitomo 27 May 1974 Drums
Miyako Keiichi 6 October 1971 Keyboard

SOPHIA is a rock band. The name of SOPHIA means"philosophy".

SOPHIA has five members: Mitsuru Matsuoka(Vo), Kazutaka Toyoda(Gt), Yoshio Kuroyanagi(Bs), Yoshitomo Akamatsu(Dr), Keiichi Miyako(Ky). Matsuoka is very cool, so he is very popular with women. He is also capable as songwriter.

SOPHIA was formed in 1994 June. They went to Tokyo from Osaka towards their major debut. They debuted in 1995 October. Their debut mini album is "BOYS". After they released it, they released a new mini album,"GIRLS". The next year they released their first single "Himawari". Himawari is sunflower in English. That song is still very popular among SOPHIA's fans , but their most famous song is Machi.

They have released thirteen singles and three albums and three mini albums. Four singles of their released singles are maxi singles.

They did a New Year's concert in Osaka Castle Hall in this year. I wanted to go to that concert. They are visiting some places in Japan for their new concert, "TOUR 2000".

Himawari 22 April 1996
Early summer rain 21 May 1996
Believe 11 November 1996
Little Cloud 19 February 1997
Machi 9 July 1997
Kimi to Yureteitai 27 November 1997
Gokigentori 22 April 1998
Kuroi Boots 26 November 1998
Beautiful 25 March 1999
Place 4 August 1999
OAR 15 December 1999
Misaile 2 Febrary 2000
WALK 18 October 2000
SOPHIA 21 March 1995
BOYS 2 October 1995
GIRLS 1 November 1995
Kiss the Future 1 July 1996
Little Circus 23 April 1997
ALIVE 20 May 1998
Material 14 April 1999

References: Minna no SOPHIA

Reported by: Takayuki Fukano
Data verified by: Keisuke Suzuki
Date of Report: December 2000
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