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Something Else

Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Imai Chihiro 28 August 1974 Chiba
Okubo Nobutaka 24 September 1974 Tokyo
Ito Daisuke 25 July 1974 Chiba

Something ELse consists of three people. Okubo Nobutaka who is the lead vocalist and guitarist, Ito Daisuke who is the guitarist, and Imai Chihiro who is the bassist. They play acoustic guitar and make a beautiful harmony.

In 1990, Okubo Nobutaka and Ito Daisuke formed a duo group in a occasion to their high school festival.

In 1993, they started a street performance at Kashiwa station which is their hometown. The name of duo was "I/O EXIT".

In 1994, when Imai Chihiro went through the station, he was fascinated by the duo. He also play a guitar and compose, so he proposed to join that duo. Soon, they three started an activity as the name of group "EXIT LINE".

In 1996, they got a chance to make their debut. Their first single is "Kanashiki non-fiction". The second "days go by", the third "Kazeto Ikitakatta", the fourth "Hansei no uta", the fifth "Record" and the first album "Triple Play" were released, but none of their CDs became hits.

One day on September 1998, when their contract to their record company was almost over, they were selected as a model of a program of Nihon television, "Denpa shonen teki Last Chance". The contents was to confine them informally in a room to create a big hit. If the song will be sold very well, they could continue their work as Something ELse, but if not, they had to change their occupation. The song "Last Chance" got the support of many people, so they became well-known.
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Reported by: Tomohiro Takasaki
Data verified by: Kazuyoshi Hayakawa
Date of Report: November 1999

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