Famous People in Japan


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth
Nakai Masahiro 18 August 1972 Kanagawa
Kimura Takuya 13 November 1972 Tokyo
Inagaki Goro 8 December 1973 Tokyo
Kusanagi Tsuyoshi 9 July 1974 Tokyo
Katori Shingo 31 January 1977 Tokyo
Mori Katsuyuki 19 February 1974 Tokyo

SMAP is a group consisting of six members.

Nakai is the leader of this group. Kimura is very popular among young women. Young men also agree he is cool. Inagaki acts on the stage recently. Kusanagi is very humorous. Katori is the youngest, but he is the tallest of them all. Mori became a auto racer, and left the group now, but I want to add him.

They sang many songs, for example, "Ganbarimashyo' and "Munasawagi wo tanomuyo". In 1991, they had their first concert at Budokan which is a very big auditorium in Tokyo. Their songs have positive feelings. Many young people say when they hear these songs, they can be fine again. A lot of prizes were given to their songs, for example, Nihon Kayo Taishyo Sinjin Sho in 1991 and Megalopolise Shinjin Sho in 1992. They appear in some regular TV programs. Music, Quiz, Comedy programs,so they have all round talents. They can make every program interesting, because they have good senses of humor.

They act not only as a group but also as individuals in drama and TV commercials. We can see Kimura in the drama, "Long Vacation", and Nakai in the TV commercial for Azinomoto, and Inagaki in the TV commercial for Luceed. Nowadays, Nakai appears in news programs as an anchor man.

Indeed, they are today's superstars!

In 1995, Mori leaved SMAP and became a autoracer. Also other nember are not only active together but also sometimes they are separatelly active.

References: Nihon Jinmei Jiten

Reported by: Yukiko Kato
Data verified by: Takagi Rie
Updated by: Yosuke Murakami October 1997
Date of Report: July 1996

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