Famous People in Japan

Shoji Noriko

Date of Birth 26 May 1938
Place of Birth Saitama

In 1957 Noriko started working for Nippon TV as an announcer. After she had presided on a music program and a news show for three years, she got married.

In 1970 she quit the firm, and later she gave birth to two babies.

After she finished nursing them, she came back again into the entertainment world as a free reporter.

She became a 'reporter' for programs that advertised and sold poducts over the air on the program, "Living 2" and "Living 4" of Fuji TV, then she became a police reporter on the program "Sanji no Anata," "Ohayo Nice Day," and "Time 3".

In 1994, she became a newscaster on TV Asahi "Power Wide".

Now she appears on a "documentary variety" program, "Kitade! Tokuso SWAT" as a regular member. Besides she published ten essays.

When she reports news, firstly she always says "Genba no Shoji desu", so it became a very famous comment now.

She is very positive and young for her age because she is active in many fields so she is popular among all age brackets.

She often goes to see rock music live, and her hobby is playing pachinko (pinball).


Reported by: Kawahara kayo
Data verified by: Fukushima Tomoko
Date of Report: November, 1998

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