Famous People in Japan

Shinohara Ryoko

Date of Birth 13 August 1973
Place of Birth Gunma

Shinohara Ryoko is very pretty. She has long beautiful hair. She had wanted to be a singer since she was a child. It was when she was a student that her mother committed suicide. She was very sad but she didn't forget her dream.

After she quit Kiryu Daiichi highshcool in Gunma prefecture, she came to Tokyo. At first she belonged to "Tokyo performance doll", which was not famous. But after she met Tetsya Komuro, who is a great producer, her life was changed. When he met her at the first time, he thought that she had good talent.

She was unknown until she sang "Itoshisato Setunasato Kokorozuyosato". This song was produced by him. Thanks to him and this song, she could participate Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

Now she performs in TV commercials, movies and TV programs. Also she published two books, whose names were "Shinohara Ryoko no pinboke" and "RYOKO". And she sings some songs. The latest song, which name is "Goodbye Baby", has been sold since July, 1st, 1997.

Now she is famous not only as a singer but also an actress. She is very popular among all generations.

References: "RYOKO" written by Shinohara Ryoko

Reported by: Shimada Masato
Data verified by : Narui Ayumu
Date of Report : July 1998

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