Famous People in Japan

Shimizu Kei

Date of Birth 24 June 1961
Place of Birth Kyoto

Kei Shimizu is a cross-talk comedian. His real name is Keita Shimizu. He was born in Kyoto on June 24 in 1961. He married Miyuki Kosaka who is an actress.

He graduated from Doshisha University. He met across Shu Izumi in the university. They formed a team in 1984 called "Kei-Shu". They won a victory in the contest of new comedian in 1986. The contest was big chance to play an active part as a comedian.

They had many regular programs on TV or radio, which of them were " Fly! Don't mind, guys." "Kei-Shu5" and "Kei-Shu sunset club". Now they appear on TV separately, and have some radio programs separately.

His hobby is soccer. He plays soccer very well and likes watching the game.

References: Gendai Jinmei Jiten

Reported by: Yoshimi Morikawa
Data verified by: Yoshimi Morikawa
Date of Report: December 15, 1997

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