Famous People in Japan

Shinsuke Shimada

Date of Birth 24 March, 1956
Place of Birth Kyoto
Occupation Comedian

Shinsuke Shimada is one of the most popular comedians today. He went to Otani High School in Kyoto. I also went to Otani High School, so he is my far senior.

The reason he is popular is that he can act the master of ceremonies of variety program despite being a comedian. When he acts a master of ceremonies, he always has a sharp tongue, but he always makes everyone laugh.

He can also cook very well. He fought against kenichi Chin who is a famous Chinese cook and they did good battle. When Shinsuke's work is off, he always cooks for his family.

When he was a high school student, he was a bad boy. After he graduated high school, he made a debut as comedian with Ryusuke Matumoto. Shinsuke and Ryusuke dissolved, but Shinsuke has succeeded as single comedian now. He produced "M-1 grand prix" which is a first class battle of comedian world.

References: http://www.geinin.jp/prof/sm_shinsuke.html
Reported by: Daisuke Kuriyama
Checked by: Naoki Matumoto
Date of Report: June 2004
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