Famous People in Japan

Shimada Souji

Date of Birth 12 October 1948
Place of Birth Hiroshima

Shimada Souji is famous Japanese mystery novelist. But, he has other jobs not only novelist but also fortune teller and illustrator.

After he graduated from Musashino Art University, he helped his parents at their shop which sold interiors and billboards. When he had helped his parents, he came to want to be a novelist, and he went to Tokyo to make his dream come true.

In 1981, his first novel "Senseijutsu Satsujin Jiken" which is a very interesting mystery was published. The trick is very complex, and I think that almost readers can not discover the criminal till the end of the book. The book nominated for the Edogawa Rampo Prize.

After that, he concentrated on writing. "Souseki and London Mummy Satsuji Jiken" which was published in 1984 nominated to the Naoki Prize.

His novels charm us with beginnings which contain weird murders and complex tricks. But, he has written down youthful novels like "Summer, a Portrait of Nineteen".

He has written other many interesting books, for example, "Greeting of Kiyoshi Mitarai" "Crime of a Oblique Estate" "Knight of Another World" "Strange Thought Can Make Heaven Move" and "Giddiness".

The book I like best, nevertheless, is "Senseijutsu Satsujin Jiken". The hero of that book is a strange man. His acts can not be predicted by anyone else. They betray our expectations, too. But, those betrayal delight us. This is a common thing among all his books. I think that it is the secret of his books' charm.

References: "Gendai Nihonjin Meiroku"

Reported by: Akiko Nishio
Data verified by: Asako Takeuchi
Date of Report: July 1996

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