Famous People in Japan

Shiina Ringo

Date of Birth 25 November 1978
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Shiina Ringo learned classical ballet when she was young. However, she gave it up when she was a junior high school student. After that, she was absorbed in drama at junior high school. She had a great longing to be playwright. When she was acting, she learned the ability for expression.

She began her music activity when she was a junior high school student. Her group won a prize in The YAMAHA Teens music nationwide tournament. At first, she played the drums. However, she changed her position to vocals.She decided to be a professional singer when she saw the audience being moved to tears by her songs. At the same time she began acting as a solo singer (Shiina Ringo). She won a prize in THE 5th MUSIC QUEST-1996 JAPAN FINAL.. Her name : "Ringo" is derived from nickname. When she was a child, her face instantly turned red.

She went over to Britain in 1997. She received various influences. After she came back to Japan, she made her debut.Some experiences and other artists gave influences to her music and herself. She respects Blankey Jet City.

Her name got known to everybody by her song 'Kokode Kisushite'. (Kiss Me Here.) She composed songs , such as tunes to Ryouko Hirosue and Rie Tomosaka. Rie Tomosaka - cappuccino , Ryouko Hirosue - private

In 2002, she made new album "Utaitenyouri". In this album, she sings old popular songs. It`s interesting for music fun to listen.

Koufukuron (Theory of happiness) May 1998
Kabukicho No Joou (Queen at Kabukicho ) September 1998
Kokode Kisushite (Kiss Me Here ) January 1999
MUZAI MORATORIAMU (Innocent Moratoriamu ) February 1999

Reported by: Asuka Kawanishi
Data verified by: Youko Kawanishi
Date of Report: November 1999
Updated by: Kouhei Kurokawa, July 2002
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