Famous People in Japan

Shibutani Subaru

Date of Birth September 22, 1981
Place of Birth Osaka

Subaru is a member of Kansai Johnney's Jr. Now, he appears often in TV variety shows, when he sings some his songs but he has not released any CDs yet.

He joined Kansai Johnney's Jr. when he was fifteen years old. Unfortunately, He was treated coldly by Kansai Jr. compared with Tokyo Jr. For example, the members of Kansai Jr. do not have dance lessons, and few jobs, because TV programs are made mostly in Tokyo. However he was lucky, because Kansai Jr. managed to get their own TV program in Osaka when he was sixteen years old. In addition, they appeared on the event called "Kyo to Kyo" which stage was very hard because they had to perform many times a day.

In 1998, he sang one song on the stage "Aishiteru, Aishitenai", and it changed his fortune. In June, he made his debut on the TV program "Music Station" Lots of girls were enthusiastic about him. After that, he succeeded to go into Tokyo where he sang some solos. In April of 1999, he played the leading part in TV drama "Risky After school" that was his first drama. Now, he performs on some TV shows, and will take part in a Kansai Jr. concert that has seventeen performances from December 20th to December 25th.

Many fans are looking forward to his activity and his CD debut.

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Reported by: Kanae Hata
Date of Report: December 1999

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