Famous People in Japan

Seto Asaka

Date of Birth 12 December 1976
Place of Birth Aichi
Real name Uchida Megumi

When Asaka was a junior high school student, she was discovered by a talent scout. At that time, they said she was known as one of the most beautiful girls in Seto, where she was born. (Seto has the same kanji as her stage name) But she didn't come to school at all, one of her classmates said. She was a juvenile delinquent. If she hadn't been scouted, her life wouldn't be as bright as it is today. Now she is so graceful that we can't believe she was a bad student.

Asaka became so famous actress that we can see everywhere--on TV, in movies and in advertisements. "Age 35 Koishikute" "Tomodachi no koibito" is a very popular TV program in Japan. And she appears on a lot of TV commercials for example cars, air conditioners and cameras. Also she is a singer, whose fourth single and second album were released this fall in 1997.

She is very busy these days. Her commercial for Konica-Camera is known to everyone. She says "Mitame de erande nani ga waruino? "(Why is it bad to choose by only good appearance?) in it. This phrase has become fashionable. Recently somebody say that she has become more slim and beautifl.

Reported by: Tatsumi Masamichi
Data verified by: Takagi Rie
Updated by: Yuki Hattori October, 1997

Date of Report: December 1996
Updated by: Narui Ayumu, May 1998

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