Famous People in Japan

Sekine Tsutomu

Date of Birth 21 August 1953
Place of Birth Tokyo

Sekine Tsutomu is a talent, comedian.

He should have become a fire fighter like his father after he graduated. But he appeared on "Armature Comedian Dojo" of TV"Ginza Now!" in 1975 and he became the first champion. As a result, he made his debut as"Rabbit Sekine".

In 1982, He became a regular member of "Kinchan no Dokomadeyaruno". He became a pair with Kazuki Kosakai. They won popularity. From 1985, he appeared on "Kosakai-kun no Osumashi-de- SHOW". Then he was interested in a stage. Thus he formed his company of players.

Main TV program he appeared are "Tamori no housoku", " Jangle TV" etc.

References: Gendai Nihon Jinmei-roku'98

Reported by: Kamiwakida Ryoko
Data verified by: Takamura Miho
Date of Report: December 1998

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