Famous People in Japan

Sato Koichi

Date of Birth 10 December, 1960
Place of Birth Tokyo

Sato Koichi is a Japanese actor who has followed in the footsteps of his famous father, Mikuni Rentaro.

It was in 1980 that he appeared on TV for the first time. Then, he became a movie star and acted as the leading men in many movies. For example, "Kita-no-hotaru", "Tonko", "Gyoei-no-mure" and "Kids". He also acted in the TV drama "The Hangman", "Koi-mo-nidome-nara" and "Tsubasa wo kudasai". He was given the 24th Blue Ribbon New Person Award in 1981.

Recently, he has acted in the movie "Oishinbo" with his father. Before it was performed, they had interview in which they quarreled about their opinion of this movie, and they looked like good rivals.

I think he is very sexy! The roles which he acted were so attractive that I could not watch TV without falling in love with his roles. The older he becomes, the more he becomes handsome, so, I am looking forward to seeing him on TV.

References: Gendai nihonjinmeiroku

Reported by: Kato Yukiko
Data verified by: Takagi Rie
Date of Report: September 1996

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