Famous People in Japan

Satake Masaaki

Date of Birth August 17, 1965
Place of Birth Osaka

Satake Masaaki is the most famous Japanese person in K-1, because he is the Champion of '97 and '98 Japan K-1 GP. His height is 185cm, and his weight is 100kg. He trains in Seido Kaikan Gym. He will fight next at the K-1 Grand Prix '98 held on December 13, at Tokyo Dome. He lost to Andy Hug last year in the same title game, so he is expected to win the next K-1 grand Prix '98.

What is K-1? Maybe, many people don't know it . "K" of K-1 means "K" of the first letter of fighting : kickboxing, karate, kung fu and so on. "1" of K-1 means No.1 fighter. The world is filled with talented kickboxers and karate fighters, but for a long time, they were not able to perform at their fullest because the environment wasn't supported enough. With K-1, fighting in front of so many Japanese fans has given the fighters a great pride and a great motivation to fight at their best!

The key concept behind K-1 is "to the world from Japan". K-1 started in Japan and has spread all over the world. K-1 has established a new standard of promotion which focuses more on the fighters who are the real heroes of all the professional events.

But Japanese fighters are not as strong as foreign fighters. K-1 is popular in Japan, so a lot of Japanese fans wanted strong Japanese fighters. Sakake Masaaki is the only man who can beat foreign fighters in Japan. Therefore, he is the most popular K-1 fighter in Japan. He is the Japanese hero of K-1!


K-1 GRAND Prix '94 Finalist
KICK World Super Heavy Weight Champion
UKF World Heavy Weight Champion
ISKA World Heavy Weight Champion

Special Technique

Low Kicks

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This article compliments of Michael Shawback's Internet class at Ryukoku University, Kyoto

Reported by: Emi Takeda
Date of Report: October 1998

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