Famous People in Japan

Sasaki Kazuhiro

Date of Birth December 22, 1968
Place of Birth Nara

Sasaki Kazuhiro is a relief pitcher for the Yokohama Bay Stars. He is called "Daimajin" by everyone because the Bay Stars never lose the game when he shows.

He was 1st drafted by the Yokohama Taiyo Whales in 1989. In 3rd year, he got 12 wins and 37 save points. And he was selected for All Star Games. After the year, he got good scores, but the TAIYO couldn't win the Pennant Race of Central League.

In 1993, the Yokohama Taiyo Whales changed to the Yokohama Bay Stars. But the team was very weak. He thought that he wanted to enter the Major League. Bay Stars was against and said to him "If you work very hard and the team gets the championship, you can go to America."

In 1997, the Bay Stars became stronger. In September, the Bay Stars fought the Yakult Swallows for the champion flag, but lost it. Bay Stars was semi champion. Sasaki got the title of the Best relief pitcher, it was the 4th times. But, he was not happy very much because he hoped to win the games for Pennant.

In 1998, the Bay Stars were very strong. In June, the team got the top of Central League. Between July to September, the team fought the Chuunichi Dragons for the championship. But the Bay Stars won. On the October 8th, the Bay Stars became the champion at Hanshin Koushien Stadium. The Taiyo Whales aiso became the champion at Koshien 38 years ago. Sasaki got the title of the Most Game Saves, the Best Relief Pitcher and made many records.

In the 1998 Japan Series, the Bay Stars beat the Seibu Lions, and became the No.1 team in Japan! He was selected the M.V.P. of Central League. He said, "I will continue to play baseball for the Bay Stars."

Reported by: Mitsuishi Satoji
Data verified by: Yasunobu Kusunoki
Date of Report: December 1998

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