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Sakai Noriko

Date of Birth 14 February 1971
Place of Birth Fukuoka

Sakai Noriko is a famous singer and actress. Her nickname is "Noripi". Her hobbies are to collect jewelry, and polishing nails.

There are two main prizes Sakai Noriko was awarded. One is the 25th-prime music prize for new person in 1988. The other is the 5th-prize for the excellent theme song in 1988.

In October, 1985, she got the first prize in the audition for a hair cologne "image-girl" in the Kyushu area, and she took second prize in the nation-wide audition. Thanks to these achievements, she became an entertainer.

She came up to Tokyo in December 1985, and made her debut with the drama "Harukaze Ichiban". Then, she made her debut as a singer with the song "Want to be a boy".

She is very popular not only in Japan, but also in Taiwan. She had a concert there in 1992, and she appeared on TV serial drama there as well.

Recently, Noripi learned sign language for TV drama, the title of which is "Gold Coin Of Stars" in English. She plays a role of a woman who is deaf. It is nice to see her effort in the drama.

References: Jinmeijiten

Reported by: Fujita Eriko
Data verified by: Minoura Yumi
Date of Report: January 1997
Updated by: Shimada Masato, May 1998

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