Famous People in Japan

Kazuyoshi Saito

Place of Birth Tochigi

Kazuyoshi Saito was born in Tochigi prefecture, but lives in Tokyo now. He is thirty years old but he look so young. After he left the university, he went to Tokyo. He worked part-time jobs and did live shows. Shinko Music scouted him and, in 1991, he made his debut on TV. In 1993, he released his first single "Bokunomita Beatles Wa Telebinonaka" and released first album "Aoisolanosita" the same year. Later, he released some singles "Namakemono", "Kiminokaoga Sukida" and "Kanojyo". and some albums "Sutekina Nioino Sekai", "Fire Dog" and "Jilenma" etc.

He plays guitar very well and his voice is nice. His songs are very warm so many people love him and his songs. However, he isn't still big star. His best song is "Utautaino Ballad". It is a very slow song and it moves us deeply. Many people love "Utautaino Ballad" so it is considered his best song. I like "Hey! Mr.Angryman" very much, too. It is a tune with a quick tempo and makes us feel so good and happy. His songs make us happy even if we are sad.


Reported by: Ken-ichi Nishii
Data verified by: Ryoji Shirakawa
Date of Report: July 1998

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