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Date of Birth 17 January 1973
Place of Birth Saitama

Ryo is a model and an actress. When she was sixteen, She was found by a scout and became a model. She was active in fashion magazines and fashion shows. The other side she caught lots of publicity because of commercial films "Shiseidou Recente" and "Kirin Lager Beer".

She made her actress debut in Fuji Television's drama "Long vacation" in 1996. The other dramas she appeared are "Koi no vacance" in 1997 and "Face" in 1997. From 1998 she stopped a model because she was absorbed in an actress. She also appeared on commercial films for "Shiseidou no color foundation" and "Meiji Bulgaria yogurt" and "Coca-Cola" and "IBM Think Pad".

Her 2nd album "Indigo Blue" was released on 25 October, 1998. Producer is Suzuki Momoko (COSA NOSTRA). In this album you can find her pop and new color.

Her hobbies are appreciation of music, karaoke, handicraft and cooking. She likes nattou.

References: goo-support@nichigai.co.jp

Reported by: Baba Yuki
Data verified by: Someya Nana
Date of Report: December 1998

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