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Date of Birth Keisuke Maeda/11 September,1979 Osamu Jinguji/5 March 1980 Ryota Fujimaki/12 Janualy,1980
Place of Birth Yamanasi Yamanasi Yamanasi
Blood Type A A O

Remioromen is a band which is beginning to be extended in Japan recently. Remioromen was formed by Keisuke MaedaEOsamu JingujiERyota Fujimaki in December 2000. For next year, activity was starting into a base on in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture.

And they were doing activity in centers TokyoEShimokitazawa. Because their song which valued Japanese increased the fan certainly, they have also increased the number of spectators steadily.

In March 2003, they released first album (Fesuta).And they was marking top 10 in the Indies chart for a long time.

In May 2003, they collected a young man's support and gain the heavy rotation of each FM office and CS music office by they released gAmeagarih 540 spectators gathered in the live performed on the sale day.

And in this year, they perform national tour from January 16, and they put on the market the single gSangatuKokonokah which made for their school the model in March.

Moreover, they are developing popularity steadily by appearing on television.


  1. Akasia
  2. Sanngatu Kokonoka
  3. Denwa
  4. Ameagari


  1. Festa
  2. Asagao

References: http://www.remioromen.jp/
Reported by: Masaki Kono
Date of Report: July 2004

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