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Ami Onuki Yumi
Place of Birth Osaka Tokyo

The members of Puffy are Ami Onuki who comes from Osaka and Yumi Yoshimura who comes from Tokyo. They made their debuts at May, 1996 with the single CD 'Asia no junshin'. And they also made their debuts in Asia such as Taiwan, Hongkong, and Singapore. They became famous in an instant from their debut, so they feel to have been fortunate. "Puffy" was named by Andy Starmer who is in Jelly Fish.

They have released many songs, which were sold very well. Moreover, they each released a solo single in July, 1997. They were awarded a disk prize because of their great demand and the supports from fans. Next year their song named "Korega watashino ikiru michi" was selected for national senior high school baseball tornament in Japan.

They have appeared in many commercials, such as those for Kirin juice, chelsea, and Vino (motorbikes). Recently they performed in a commercial for handy phone, too. All of the commercial songs were their own. They don't only have a lively time on these commercials but also dramas and TV programs.

Recently news that Yumi has a lover whose name is Takanori Nishikawa who is also a very popular singer has comesto light.They live in a very full life. So people are looking forward to their further activities.

References: "Pee Wee"(magazine),December 1997

Reported by: Tachibana Mariko
Data verified by: Kawakami Sachie
Date of Report: July 1996
Updated by: Fukushima Tomoko,October 1998

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