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Hakuei 16 December vocalist
Chisato 4 October guitarist
Gisho 20 May bassist
O-Jiro 14 September drummer

Penicillin is a rock band. It was Penicillin is a rock band. It was very popular even before their formal debut which was in March, 1996. But after they held their live in Nihon-Budoukan, they stopped their band activity in summer of the same year in order to concentrate on solo activities.

In January, 1997, they began their band activity again. They held concert in Thailand in fall.

When each member of Penicillin played an act as solo, Hakuei played an act as not only musician, but also movie star. He released solo single "Double Love Shock / True Love".

Chisato debuted with this song, "Dance With The Wild Things", which is his solo debut single. When the 2nd solo single "kissin'the moonlight" was released, he also released album "Organic Groover".

After that, he released other singles, "fallin'over you", "Venus", and "Kick!".

Gisho appeared on the cinema the title of which was "aitakute~ai-no-satsujin-sha". His solo single is "saisho-de-saigo-no Love Song". He also has another name, "Jun Otaki", which was his actor's name, and under that name he released "Close Your Eyes".

O-Jiro is the drummer in this band and a member of the mystery unit,"808". In this unit, he sings and dances with the bassist named "Yasumicchan". They made music by the computer software called "CubaseVST". O-Jiro is good at computers.

References: "Jinmei Jiten"

Reported by: Takeno Miyuki
Verified by: Junko Ageki
Date of Report: December 1998

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