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Ozawa Kenji

Date of Birth 17th April 1969
Place of Birth Kanagawa

Ozawa Kenji is a singer. He was a member of Flipper's Guitar. They started the "Sibuya-kei" movement. "Sibuya-kei" means their fashion and music.

Their first CD is "Three Cheers For Our Side". The songs in this CD are written in English.

Their second CD was "Camera Talk". When they released this CD, they became very famous. 'Koi to Machine gun' (contained "Camera Talk") was a TV drama's theme song. However their activity didn't continue any longer. As soon as they released the third CD, they suddenly dispersed.

A few years later, Kenji Ozawa made his debut as a soloist. His debut single CD "Tenki Yomi" . He wrote the songs and words by himself. His words are profound. When he was a member of Flipper's Guitar, his words sometimes felt very cynical and stinging. When he became a soloist, he wrote almost only about love affairs. His third single CD is "Aisi,Aisarete ikirunosa". This song is quite different from the songs on Flipper's Guitar. His fourth single CD is "Lovely". When he released this song, he became very famous. He appeared on many TV programs and finally, he appeared in Kohaku Uta Gasen.

After he released three CD albums:

'93 "Inu ha hoeruga,caravan ha susumu"
'94 "Life"
'96 "kyutai no kanaderu ongaku"

In 1994, he made single CD with Schadaraparr who are Japanese Hip Hop group. They belong to another record company. So 2type of CD were sold. Vocal main and Hip Hop main.


Reported by: Fujiwara Aya
Data verified by: Oshige Kumiko
Date of Report: July 1998
Updated by: Kurokawa Kouhei, July 2002

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