Famous People in Japan

Ozawa Ichirou

Date of Birth 24 May 1942
Place of Birth Mizusawa-shi, Iwate-ken

Ozawa Ichirou is one of the most famous politicians in Japan. Sometimes he braves his policies out, so he has many political opponents.

After his father, who was also a politician, died he succeeded him, and he was elected a member of the House of Representatives. He worked under Noboru Takeshita, who was one of the famous politicians. When the House of Representatives dissolved in 1993, he left the Liberal Democratic Party, and formed Shinseito. At the same time, he published "The plan for the reconstruction of Japan" and had continued to maneuver to make the political world reorganized.

In 1994, nine parties concentrated and formed the Shinshinto. In 1995 in December, he was elected the second leader of the Shinshinto. He has often been called a "shadow leading actor" because he pushes forward his policies and management of the Diet behind the scenes.

In May in 1996, the fiscal 1996 state budget which include appropriation of 685 billion yen in taxpayers money to liquidate seven troubled jusen housing loan companies passed. The Shinshinto resisted the ruling coalition with a picket. But it was in vain. In June of 1996, a bill concerning the jusen liquidation scheme passed in spite of the nation"s opposition. So, his leadership has been called into question.

References: Gendai Nihonjin Meiroku 94, News File No.189

Reported by: Ota Masakazu
Data verified by: Yoneda Makoto
Date of Report: September 1996
Updated by: Shimada Masato, May 1998

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