Famous People in Japan

Ozaki Yutaka

Date of Birth 29 November 1965
Date of Death 25 April 1992
Place of Birth Tokyo

Ozaki Yutaka was a tremendously popular singer among the young generations.

When he was in elementary school, he learned the guitar, and became musically aware.

In 1982, he passed the audition of CBS Sony, after that he started his professsional activities. At that time he quit high school because he was suspended from school for three times.

Also, in 1982, he made his debut with the album "Seventeen's Map," and quickly gained the support of teenagers. 'The Night,' and 'I Love You' were the album's most popular songs.

In 1985, he released his second album "Tropic of Graduation." The second album was a great hit, and suddenly he leaped to the top. His songs were based on the days of his youth, and he kept singing for freedom.

In the same year, "Through The Broken Door" was released. His popularity didn't decline at all.

In 1986 he moved his affiliation from CBS Sony to Mother and Children records, and after spending a whole year in New York City, he returned home and released "The Trees Along the Street."

In 1988, he was arrested on a charge of drug taking. But even while he was in prison, he kept making many songs. After he came out of prison, he released the sixth album "Birth." The album was a collection of the songs he made in prison.

In 1992, his mother died, and in the same year, on April 25, he passed away at the age of 26. At that year his last album "Confession For Exist" was released.

Even though he is dead, Ozaki Yutaka and his songs are still loved by many young people.

References: Gendai Nihonjin Meiroku

Reported by: Motonari Izawa
Data verified by: Shinji Matsumoto
Date of Report: November 1995

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