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Ozaki Masashi

Date of Birth 24 January, 1947
Place of Birth Tokushima

Ozaki Masashi is one of the greatest golfers in Japan now. But, he went through many difficulties in his background.

He was born as career the eldest son in Tokushima. In his boyhood, he was devoted to baseball. When he was seventeen years old, he won the championship as a pitcher at The National Senior High School Baseball.The next year, he joined the professional baseball team, "Nishitetsu Lions" (the present, Seibu Lions). He stayed there for about five years, but it didn't go well and gave up baseball.

In 1969, he decided to become a professional golfer. In 1971, he won a championship at the first time. Since then, he won many championships and acquired the most prize money in Japan for three years(1972, 1973, 1974). Then, he made the "A,O" age with Aoki Isao. For the years, they won championships mostly, and they are high in rank every tournaments.

However, his performance declined after 1978, but, he won four victories and made a comeback in 1986.

In 1988, he won championships in three concecutive weeks for a first Japanese golfer.

His result since then;

Pan-all-American Tournament Golf: Sixth Place, 1989

Ranking of prize money: First Place, 1989

World record of total prize money: 186,000,000yen, 1993

References: Gendai Nihonjinmeiroku, 1994

Reported by: Kenji Tsuchimoto
Data verified by: Yoshihiro Sugiyama
Date of Report: November 1995

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