Famous People in Japan

Otsuki Kenji

Date of Birth 6 February 1966
Place of Birth Tokyo

Otsuki Kenji is known as vocalist and leader of Kinniku Shojotai which is very famous rock group in Japan due to their unusual music style. Their songs are mainly made by him. He has a own, unique world.

His music life started in junior high school when he liked Inoue Yosui, Y.M.O. which was a famous computer music group and KISS which was a famous rock group in the U.S.A. He wanted to form a rock group, and did it with his friends for the first time, that was "The Dotechins". This group was very important for him because he could make friends with a man who was very important for him, Uchida Yuichiro. He is still member of Kinniku Shojotai. After that, Otsuki made a lot of bands, but he could not success. In his university days, he made new band. this is Kinniku Shojotai. First, they were not famous, but they became famous because of a song that is "Takagibu Densetsu". In 1988, they became professional. They made their debut with "Shake". After that, they released many interesting songs. For example, "Ikujinashi", "Moretsu Ataro" and "Nihon Indoka Keikaku". In 1990, their "Ganso Takagibudensetsu" which was new version of their old song was a great hit. They became very famous in Japan because of this hit.

After this hit, he started new activities by himself. He appeared on TV, wrote novels and released his own record for the first time. He likes UFOs, so he often appeared on special TV programs about it. He wrote many books, for example, "Nohohon Note", "Nohohontoatsuikunieiku" and "Shinkoushukyou Omoidekyou". These books are very interesting because he expressed his thinking with his own expression. His first CD "Only You" was a hit and this song is often sung as karaoke.

This spring, Kinniku Shojotai released a new album and he started activities with Kinniku Shojotai again.

I like him very much because I think he is a genius. I want to spread his world to everyone. I am sure that both he and his group will become leaders in the music world.

References: "Nohohon Note" written by Otsuki Kenji

Reported by: Okamura Ryota
Data verified by: Manabe Youichi
Date of Report: January 1997

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