Famous People in Japan

Otsuka Nene

Date of Birth 14 June 1968
Place of Birth Tokyo

Otsuka Nene is an actress. First, I introduce her profile. She is 156 centimeters tall and 41 kilograms weight. Her waist is 53 centimeters! Her blood type is B. Then, her hobbies are reading, drawing and making ceramics. Finally, she is good at calligraphy.

She graduated as a photography major from the art faculty of Nihon University. When she was a student there, she made her debut with a commercial for Kanebo, a cosmetic company. After that, she appeared in a variety of commercials, convenience store, cosmetics, car, portable phone, electric products and so on. She also appeared in a movie, "Toile no Hanako-san", and in many TV drama programs.

Many male fans are fascinated by her lovely eyes and many girls try to emulate her style.

Nene is active very much as mentioned above. She is a valuable actress who is taking on the current of the times.

References: "Commercial Talent Zukan" written by Bunka-sha Co.

Reported by: Tanaka Akiko
Data verified by: Yamazoe Megumi
Date of Report: November 1996

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